Bridgid M. Ruden, ARNP

 Inspirational Speaker & Motivational Speaker


In May of 2008, Bridgid sustained life altering experiences which emerged in lieu of her previous life’s vision. Bridgid unfortunately endured severe traumatic brain injury, following a bicycle accident. As she awoke from a coma, she reversed in time, as if she was three years old again, re-learning basic life skills. Frustratingly, due to her disabilities, she had to let go of her meaningful career as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.  Despite the odds, Bridgid ventured forward through exploring and redefining herself in ways that provided her healing from suffering.  Despite health care professionals and families shock, she began publically sharing her story. Bridgid has successfully presented nationally and internationally and appeared on TV, radio and published in both articles and books. Her most recent publication is the book, Discovering My Life’s Purpose: From Tragedy to Triumph. As Bridgid shares her life’s experience, attendees are amazed, uplifted, inspired, educated and surrounded with hope and reassurance. Bridgid’s life’s purpose didn’t leave her; it merely merged to a higher realm.