What are the objectives of Bridgid’s presentation?

  • Identify medical implications, consequences and lifelong disease aspects of traumatic brain injury.
  • Recognize importance of occupational, physical, speech, vocational rehabilitation and neuro-psychological therapy.
  • Identify the symptoms and aspects of Post Traumatic Epilepsy
  • Understand the physical, behavioral and cognitive symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Strengthen awareness of the healing aspects of Eastern, Western and Alternative treatment.
  • Acknowledge, honor and address those messages sent from a patient’s mind, body and spirit for healing.

What are the bullet points of Bridgid’s presentation?

  • An inspirational true story is motivationally shared
  • A testimony of an amazing, heartwarming, eye opening story which is beneficial for health care professionals
  • Right and wrong ways to assess symptoms and outcomes and to foster healing from traumatic brain injury
  • Visualize the aspects of a lifelong invisible disease

How will the audience benefit from Bridgid’s presentations?

Drawing on her professional experience as a nurse practitioner, Bridgid gives audience members an in depth look into the methods and techniques of treating aphasia, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, vertigo, and memory loss, including traditional Western and Eastern medical techniques. Bridgid offers a rare glimpse into the personal perspective of the patient and the person and how love, support and understanding are the most important factors of all. Her touching story and courage to speak out publicly inspire hope in all who watch her speak.

How long are Bridgid’s presentations?

One hour plus any questions afterwards.

What are Bridgid’s Audio/Visual and room requirements?

  • A podium that can hold her presentation notes
  • Bridgid can provide her own laptop, or can use a supplied computer (in good working order) with Microsoft Powerpoint and a USB Flash Drive port.
  • When using a supplied computer Bridgid requires someone available from the facility to be available in case of technical problems.
  • LCD projector or equivalent.
  • A large screen to project on.
  • A microphone
  • Sufficient lighting and space to read presentation notes.

What are Bridgid’s fees?

Typically, a fee is charged along with travel expenses. Please inquire by phone or email to get a custom quote for your event. Click here to contact.

Can you provide a bio of Bridgid for our web site and printed materials?

Yes. Click here.

Can you provide a photograph of Bridgid for our web site and printed materials?

Yes.  Click here.

Are we allowed to video/record Bridgid’s presentations?

Audio/visual recording is strictly prohibited without Bridgid’s written consent.

Will Bridgid travel to speak at our event?

Yes. Bridgid is available to appear at any location.

How can we find out if Bridgid is available?

Check the Events Page to see if your date is already booked. If not, please inquire as to her availability for your specific date. Click here to contact.

How can we book Bridgid?

Simply contact us with details of your event and we will promptly respond. Click here to contact.

Do we have to book Bridgid through a speaker’s bureau?

No. You can book Bridgid directly.

Can you provide references regarding your presentations?

Yes. Testimonials are available here.  Please call 319-430-4966 or email info@bridgidruden.com to request additional references.