Audience Feedback

“Bridgid connects with her audience soul to soul.  Her ability to share all aspects of her incredible journey – with humor as well as an open heart – is powerful! She makes you sit up and take notice of your own life!” (March 23 ,2017) 


-Julia Theisen


Truly inspiring story.Thank you Bridgid for the invitation to attend your engagement at the University of Iowa College of Physical Therapy. The audience was captivated by your truth and the rebirth of a blessed soul! Your experience is much more than anyone can comprehend! Bridgid, you are grace and an unconstrained spirit for life and love! ” (October 2, 2015) 


-Chip Haney

University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics




 “Bridgid, you are a miracle.”  “I remember as your physician telling you these words in our clinic as I reviewed your brain CT scan from your initial head injury.  Although you are not alone in suffering a significant traumatic head injury, I believe that you are unique in your positive approach to your recovery, your dedication to sharing your experience, and your commitment to helping and motivating others to overcome their own life obstacles and adversity. As a physician, I deeply and sincerely admire your efforts and your positive attitude in dealing with a truly difficult and challenging personal experience.  I am always pleased to hear of the many positive life changes that have occurred for you as you continue on your journey towards recovery.  I also always get a kick out of your ability to share your experiences with the medical system and in our clinic when you speak publicly.  I wish you good luck and great success on your book, Discovering a Life’s Purpose and I hope that your message of hope, recovery, and optimism reaches as many people as possible so that they can benefit from your experience, wisdom, and wit.  Although we sometimes are witness to events that are miraculous, sometime the real miracles are people like you.” (9/18/14)


-Dr. Andrew G. Lee,

MD Houston Medical Hospital
Department of Ophthalmology; Professor of Ophthalm0logy, Neurology, Neurosurgery @ Weill Cornell Medical College



Direct Audience Feedback:

  • ” Superb! Heals my soul.”
  • “A real inspiration.”
  • “Brought tears to my eyes.”
  • “Awesome!”
  • “WOW—great speaking ability!”
  • “Tremendous.”
  • “Your story is moving, heartwarming and relatable.  You really made my week!”
  • “Powerful story.”
  • “Brilliant.”
  • “Beneficial & necessary for health care professionals.”
  • “Health care professionals need more accounts of survivors’ stories as this is eye opening.”
  • “Provides more sensitivity to how the care is provided to patients.”
  • “Loved, loved, loved this speaker!”
  • “Moving speaker.”
  • “Woman of great virtue and integrity.”
  • “Gifted and wonderful speaker.”
  • “Amazing testimony.”
  • “Courageous speaker.”
  • “Presentation was excellent.”
  • “A dramatic and effective presentation”
  • “She has found her calling.”
  • “Very moving.”
  • “Heartwarming touching story”
  • “A testament of what strength and determination can do”
  • “Really respect and appreciate her courage”
  • “Strong inspiring women”
  • “Very valuable to hear first-hand from a survivor”
  • “Better understanding of principles necessary to achieve a survivors healing”


Bridgid was a speaker at the 10th annual Brain Injury of Canada Conference in Kingston this year. Her medical background and knowledge as a survivor of TBI allow her to present a motivational, insightful and uplifting story of the impact of Brain Injury and instill in everyone the success of rehabilitation and support. I would highly recommend Bridgid as a speaker”

-Denise Unhola  
Brain Injury Association of Canada Board Management Team.


Click here to view feedback from the President and CEO of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital


To a large audience of nursing students, Bridgid’s professional nursing perspective brought to life the experiences of a patient with Traumatic Brain Injury. In a thoughtful, personal account of her own remarkable experience, Bridgid reveals the challenges of the journey through emergency care, hospitalization, rehabilitation and on-going recovery. Her unique ability to touch and teach is an opportunity not to be missed.”

-Mary P. Tarbox, RN, EdD Professor and Chair,
Department of Nursing  Mount Mercy University


“To attempt to fully understand the challenges of brain injury to individuals and their families, it is a must to listen to Bridgid’s story. It will change your view of others lives.”

-Dave Jacoby,
Iowa State Representative Coralville, Iowa



Not many speakers this year have combined emotional experiences with professional advice quite like Bridgid Ruden. Ruden, who survived a traumatic brain injury, spoke to audiences in the morning and evening of Tuesday, May 1.  In May 2008 in Coralville, Iowa, Ruden was thrown from her bike while going down a steep hill. Ruden shared her story and her advice with the audience.  Being a mother of three, Ruden has had a particularly tough time.  “[I’m] no longer the mother and wife I was,” Ruden said. “I feel bad for not being able to be, and I feel despair because of this.”  Several times during her presentation, the audience assisted Ruden, as she has a tough time with words. Aphasia, one of the many conditions Ruden suffers from, results in difficulty speaking, reading, writing and short-term memory loss, as well as troubles with recognizing people.  Although some speakers would be offended by audiences finishing their sentences, Ruden was accepting and humorous about her difficulties, admitting to the audience, “The word I am looking for is laundry, but I was going to say carrot. Isn’t that weird?”  Aphasia has also caused the loss of Ruden’s medical knowledge; she was a nurse for 25 years, and a pediatric nurse practitioner for 15 years. However, because of her injury, which included four brain surgeries and relearning how to walk and talk, Ruden has learned valuable lessons on how patients should be treated.  “Rehabilitation is outstanding when we work as a team and give patients hope,” Ruden said.  She also offered her opinions on her experiences with health care. Health care should be respectful,” Ruden said. “Don’t ever tell a patient what they can’t do; find alternatives that enhance abilities.”  Ruden hoped her presentation and advice reached audience members in a special way.  “Speaking gives me joy to heal others,” Ruden said.

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