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My Story

Divine Healing

In May of 2008, a life altering experience emerged in defiance of my life's vision. I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury following a heart-wrenching bicycle accident. I required four extensive brain surgeries. Many didn’t trust I would survive. Archangel Raphael, Archangel Haniel and Archangel Metatron were with me in the coma, lovingly telling me I was dying but they would always be with me. I questioned them. Why? I had a loving husband, three children and wanted to continue lovingly help others heal. The Divine revealed that I would return to life. I would need much support and healing to truly survive.

Time reversed backwards when I returned to life; as if I was a three-year-old again, re-learning life’s basic skills, such as speaking, reading, writing and comprehension. I was shocked and very sad when I discovered that my previous role as a wife, mother and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner were whisked away. My eight-year-old daughter was helping take care of me – it was as if she was my mother! I cried so very often questioning God, “Why am I still here? What on earth is my life’s purpose now?”

With Divine inspiration and unbelievable support, I ventured forward in faith to explore, develop and re-define myself.  I learned how to delve beyond suffering and began the process of healing my mind, body and spirit. My recovery process received synchronistic healing in such mystical, spiritual and powerful ways.  As my body and soul began to flourish, fascinating miracles unfolded in my life. I began successfully presenting my story both nationally and internationally and appeared on TV and radio. I published articles and a chapter in a book, Progression. With all the success of sharing my story with others, I felt the Divine leading me to reach more people.  As a result, I wrote and published my first book, Discovering My Life's Purpose: From Tragedy to Triumph. Health care professionals and others were shocked to witness a severe traumatic brain injury person recover in such an astonishing degree. 

After sharing my life’s journey,  I questioned myself, “What now?”  I had this energy to further develop my skills as a channel for healing. While studying my Master’s Degree in Nursing, I was introduced to Healing Touch. Today, I am Divinely guided to move forward to become a spiritual healing artist; a Reiki Practitioner. I provide holistic distance Reiki to others. People often express that I’m an “earth angel”. My mind, body and spirit become enlightened and blessed giving to others. This phenomenal process nourishes and enlightens my own soul! Over time, I surprisingly have learned that my life’s purpose truly didn’t leave me; it merely merged to a higher realm.

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